God Will Rescue You

Scripture Reference: Mark 6:46-49

The fourth watch represents the darkest part of the night… Somewhere between three and six – when the sun is still trying to come up and the moon is sinking low. The only light you have on a clear night is the light from the stars…

Sometimes our situation becomes so grave and so difficult until we can’t see our way out. We can’t see an answer. It seems like we’re in darkness. But God sees you in every dilemma. Even when you think He’s not present, God is omnipresent.

The last account we have, [Jesus] was up in the mountain praying. But the Bible says that he saw [the disciples]. Not only did He see them, but He saw them roaring against the winds. God knows when you’re going through you hard problems. He knows when your going through your test. He knows when your situation is insurmountable. He knows when it’s more than you’re able to bear.

So the Bible lets us know that Jesus got up and began to move towards the disciples. Do you know that God will come to your rescue? He will come to your rescue at your most difficult time of need. God will be right there when it seems like you’re in your fourth night.

March 19, 2011
From sermon: “God sees, God knows”

Note: This sermon excerpt has been edited only for the purpose of print. All edits are only for clarification purposes.



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