How to Live a Long Life: You Are What You Say (1 of 2)

For he that will love life, and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil, and his lips that they speak no guile” (1 Peter 3:10)

Jesus taught in Matthew 15 that the words we speak reveal what is hidden in our hearts. Therefore, in order for us to truly refrain from speaking evil, our hearts need to be cleansed. But, we must ask the question the Psalmist asked in Psalm 119:9: “How can a young man cleanse his way?” The answer is found in the Word of God: there is nothing we can do to cleanse our hearts. It is the only through the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit that we are cleansed from sinful speech patterns. The day that we receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, He begins a life long process of cleaning our hearts from sin.

So if we desire to live a long life, if we want to live long and see the goodness of God at work in the earth, then we must allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse away the iniquities and wickedness that lies within our hearts: envy, strife, pride, gossiping, backbiting, hatred, lying, slander. We must, then, allow God replace it with patience, longsuffering, kindness, temperance, love, gentleness, meekness, joy, and peace. If we refuse to tame our tongues, Proverbs has a promise for us: “His calamity shall come suddenly; suddenly he shall be broken without remedy” (6:15).

 ——————————–Search the Word:

Defilement Comes from Within ——- Matthew 15:1-20
Mortify the Sins of the Flesh —— Colossians 3:5-11

You heard from us, now, let us here from you!

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