We’ll be back……

We’re in the middle of a Bible study. We’ll conclude on Monday. But for now, I would like to offer a word of encouragement….

It’s late and I’m watching another Disney movie… I love Walt Disney movies! My favorite is “Beauty & the Beast.” Just the other night, we were watching a Disney movie and my 3-year-old was afraid of a certain part in the movie. I told her, “There’s a happy ending – you just need to see it though to the end.”

This is life. We go through various trials and circumstances. In the darkest parts of our lives, we wish that we could “fast-forward” though it. It may be scary or confusing, but it’s a part of the story.

In Disney movies, there’s a hero and a villain. Close to the end, the villain seems to come to a point of triumph. However, if we bear the scary part, we will be able to see the downfall of the villain. We will see how they came close to victory. But the Hero will always win!

No matter what you’re going though… You have a Victor who will conquer in the end. He has conquered illness and disease, sin and death. His name is Jesus. He is our Prince. He will deliver the kiss that brings life. He is our champion. No matter the situation and no matter the end result – we can be encouraged.

So if you are in the dark and scary part of your life story: suffer through it. When you know how the story ends, you don’t have to be worried or afraid. You can go through the valley of the shadow of death, knowing that “weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning” (Psalm 30:5). Sorrow is only for a season. There is a happy ending – but we must see it thought to the end.

See you soon!


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