Our annual beginning-of-the-year revival will begin on tomorrow, January 3, 2012. I get excited every year it’s time for revival. At Shiloh, we are we’ll fed with heaping portion of God’s unadulterated truth. Two weeks of revival is similar to attending a two-week-long feast!

We all need to be revived every once in a while. We all have the tendency to get a little “dusty.” When we look at a few definitions of the word live, we learn that “live” means:

    • to be alive
    • to attain eternal life
    • to exhibit vigor, gusto, or enthusiasm
    • to experience first hand

Have you obtained eternal life?Are you alive in Christ? Do you exhibit vigor and gusto or enthusiasm in your Christian walk? Are you experiencing God in Christ first hand? If not, you may need to be revived! Let’s look at a few definitions for the word “revive.”

  • to become active again
  • to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state
  • to renew in mind or memory

I’m reminded of a movie scene: the paramedics rush a man into the trauma center; there are still signs of life. He needs to be revived! If there is still a sign of life in you, you can be revived! You don’t have to live out a dead Christian life. You can be active. You don’t  have to be depressed. You can be used by the Lord. We’ll be keeping you updated on the revival as the week proceeds. Be blessed and be revived!


You heard from us, now, let us here from you!

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