Sunday School: God Preserves a Remnant

Genesis 45:3-15

A few words on today’s lesson:

When we look at the life of Joseph, especially in the context of today’s lesson, we see a man who suffered betrayal and injustice. We see a man who has endured some very difficult situations and remained faithful to God. When he came face to face with those who had wronged him, instead of being proud and boastful, he extended mercy and forgiveness. Even more so, he sought an opportunity to bless them. He does this because he understands that his pain was part of God’s plan and purpose.

We would do well to apply this lesson to our own lives. Every increase, blessing, and promotion comes from the Father above. These things are not for our selfish enjoyment, but for the Father’s glory. We best glorify God when we show kindness and compassion to those we consider to be undeserving. We best glorify God when we look for opportunities to be a blessing to others. We best glorify God when we extend love and forgiveness to others. And we best glorify Him when we step outside of self and show concern for our fellow man.

You heard from us, now, let us here from you!

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