Revival: A Great Rain

Scripture Context: 1 Kings 18:41-45

When we look at natural rain, it comes to nourish and replenish the Earth. When we talk about spiritual rain, it comes to strengthen, empower, and cause us to grow. When God causes a spiritual rain to fall in our lives, we can expect it to cause an overflow of abundance. We must be careful to limit the abundance of God to natural things such as money, jobs, cars, houses, etc. If we do this, then we miss out on the abundance of spiritual blessings that he brings to us: an abundance of peace, an abundance of joy, an abundance of satisfaction, an abundance of His power moving in and through us. Either way, when he causes the rain to come, it will overtake us as a mighty flood. Yet, we must be sure that we have to prepare ourselves for the bless by separating ourselves wholly to God and seeking Him through pray and Bible study.

Are you expecting a great spiritual rain to fall in your life?  No matter what the situation looks like, don’t give up: keep on seeking, keep on asking, and keeping on knocking. Begin to look for the blessing with expectation.

You heard from us, now, let us here from you!

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