Send Up A Praise (2 of 3)

The Throne of God from the Book of Revelation“But in this day, since we’ve come into Christ, and since our bodies have become the temple of the Lord, it’s our praises that go up before God. Our praises are so unique that the moment you utter a praise [from] your lips, it goes straight to [heaven]… Praise does not have to be translated to God… [and] when it makes it to the courts of the Lord, our praise joins in with that of the seraphim that are praising him twenty-four-seven. What a wonderful thing! Just to send a praise up to Gladory! [We] ought to have a praise in your heart; [we] ought to have a praise on [our] lips, [We] ought to have praise on [our] tongues because God has been good to [us]!”

[To Be Continued…]


Quotes from Adm. Asst. Marvin Sander’s

Pastor of Shiloh Temple COGIC

From the Sermon, “Living in the Center of the Will of Christ”

Preached September 11, 2011


You heard from us, now, let us here from you!

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