Where is Our Power?

“So much power has crept out of the church [to the point that] we don’t have [the] power to rebuke the enemy when he comes against us like a flood. We say “shoo!” and the Devil looks at us and laughs. We say, “The Lord rebuke you” and the Devil says, “Who are you?” We say “Get out my house,” and he… brings some of his buddies [into the house with him]. We’ve had services where  folks [would attempt to cast the Devil out by the] lay[ing on of] hands… and [would] try to rebuke the enemy. [Yet] the enemy [would grow bold] and show himself [as] an unclean spirit, and say “I’m not coming out!” But when the power of the Lord goes forth, the Devil can be cast out…

“[A woman] came to church [one afternoon], with an unclean spirit and she was wanting to be relieved [of the unclean spirit]. The preacher said [to the unclean spirit in the woman], “Satan, you [will come] out of her today.” [But] the Devil raised up and spoke back through the woman’s body with the voice of a man and said, “I’m not coming out!” The preacher looked at [the unclean spirit] and said [to it], “No, you’re coming out of here today.” And at the name of Jesus… [the] One that subdued everything, every unclean spirit; [the One] that paid it all upon the cross;  and [the One that] came out of the grave and said, “I have all power.” At the name of Jesus, the devil went out the back door and the woman came out the front door praising God. [She] looked like a new person: a big smile on her face… God can do anything!

“You don’t believe it? Just ask Him…”


Quotes from Adm. Asst. Marvin Sander’s

Pastor of Shiloh Temple COGIC

From the Sermon, “Living in the Center of the Will of Christ”

Preached September 11, 2011


You heard from us, now, let us here from you!

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