Don’t Fall Off the Edge

Don't Fall of the Edge“In my younger days of doing construction work in the industry, I was known as what they call the “high man.” … They called me the high man because whenever it got dangerous, whenever everybody else was afraid to do it, they would [come for me]…I would get up on the edge of structures [that were], sometimes, 15 stories, 40 stories, [and] 600 feet up in the air. [I was] comfortable…but I was on the edge.And there was one thing about being on the edge: …there was no room for error.  You knew that once you made a mistake, it was over…

“But that’s a dangerous way to live your life – living on the edge – and knowing that there is no room for error…It’s better to [live] in the center of the will of [God] than on the edge. Because, if you stumble a bit, in the middle of [His] will, you’re still there and you can get all the help you need. But if you’re on the edge… the devil will send several of his buddies ready to…give you a spiritual whipping… Most of the time, he will embarrass us so much until we don’t want to come back to the church.”


Quotes from Adm. Asst. Marvin Sanders, Pastor of Shiloh Temple COGIC

Sunday, September 11, 2011


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