Changes Coming to the Blog

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Hello, brothers and sisters on the Web! We are excited to announce changes that will soon be coming to the Shiloh Temple COGIC Blog. In order to develop more structure to our blog posts, we would like to introduce the following schedule to you (until further notice).

– no new blog posts will be posted on this day.

– Every Sunday, you can catch our very own Pastor’s wife streaming online at bringing you the Sunday School Review. In honor of this radio program, we will offer a few words on the COGIC Power for Living Sunday School Lesson.

– Every Monday will be “Sweet Psalm Monday” where we give you words of inspiration from the book of Psalms.

– Every Tuesday we will bring you “Words from Shiloh.” This will include sermon excerpts and quotes from Shiloh members and leaders.

– Every Wednesday, tune into our blog to receive “Words of Wisdom” from the book of Proverbs.

– Every Thursday will be devoted to “Songs of Praise and Worship.” We will bring you encouragement from hymns and praise and worship songs.

– Every Friday will be “Multimedia Friday” where we will bring you video and audio clips from the Shiloh Temple COGIC family.

We are working hard to keep you encouraged throughout you day and week. Pray for us as we seek to go higher in the Lord.


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