A Life Dedicated to Christ

Tonight, we celebrate the life of a woman who dedicated her life to serving the Lord: Mother and Evangelist Bennie J. Stevens. As a great woman of God, her life was reflective of Matthew 23:11 “But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.” Truly, she possessed a servant’s heart.

Mother Bennie J. Stevens is absent from the body but, now, she is present with the Lord. In her absence, she would want us to carry on. She leaves one final word of instruction to those of us who continue to wait upon the coming of our Lord:

When I shall have to leave thee–
Please carry on in Jesus’ Name.
Please remember God gave Jesus that we can meet again.
Please carry on!
Please Carry On — Please look to Jesus and
Remember to say, even as the Apostle Paul–
I can do all things through Christ
Who strengthens me.

For my loved ones who have chosen Jesus as Lord
And may be questioning my departure —
God knows best and Jesus is there for you

Please tell the children to love Jesus & one another.

Mother Stevens impacted the lives of many and she will be sorely missed. Her life and legacy lives on in the lives of those who received her guidance and instruction and who walk in her footsteps. She has obtained the final victory and can now say, in addition to the other heroes of faith that have gone before her:”O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Corinthians 15:55). Bless God for a woman who dedicated her life to serving Christ. Let us be diligent to follow her as she followed Christ.


One response to “A Life Dedicated to Christ

  • April

    May we follow this beautiful lady’s footsteps in living the example of Christ and Christian action and love….may we also be blessed by others like her that God places in our path.

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