Being Thankful Minimizes Your Problems

No matter how bad my day is going or what’s happening in my life, there is one song that always pulls me out of the dumps: “Thank You” by Mary Mary.

The whole premise of the song reminds me that life could be much worse. In spite of it all, God has been good to me. If I can find something for which I can tell God “thank you,” I will feel better. I begin my worship by first telling God, “Thank You for my life.” And then, I begin to thank Him for my friends and family and my job and my church. This causes me to reflect on the things I have experienced since I began my walk with Christ over seven years ago. I remember the trials and hardships He has faithfully brought me through. I thank Him for His faithfulness at times when my faithfulness was lacking.

Then, I begin to reflect upon my life before Christ and the many things that God has spared me from: tragedies that did not come my way, relationships that ended, bad decisions that were covered by His mercy.Soon, tears of gratitude begin to flow and appreciation wells up in my heart and my love for God takes over and then… my problems don’t seem to be so big anymore.

As Mary Mary sings,

I want to thank you for your love
I want to thank you for your power
I want to thank you for protection
Every hour
Thank you Lord

Below is a video from YouTube of one of Shiloh’s daughters singing “Thank You” as a sermonic solo. Hope you enjoy! And always remember: Be thankful.


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