God is Jealous for Your Heart


We continue our study on James 4:4-10. Today, we look at James 4:5, which says

 “Do ye think that the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy?”

 God doesn’t want to share our hearts. He desires to have us wholly to Himself. He definitely doesn’t desire to share in our affections with the world.

The Spirit of God makes permanent residence within our hearts. He does not come for a temporary visit, but to dwell within and make habitation within our hearts. He intensely craves our hearts and our affections and our desire and our will. When we deny of Him of this, it is grievous to Him.

He has known the heart of God and He knows the plans and purposes that God intends for each of us. It grieves Him to see us living in a state lower than what God intends for us. He knows the power that He possesses and it grieves Him to know that we have not accessed that unlimited power. Even more so, it grieves Him to know that we exchange His power and His ability to chase of the perishing things of this world.



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