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11 Petitions | 11 Minutes | 40 Days

Join Shiloh Temple and the entire Church of God in Christ family over the next 40 days (9/26 – 11/4) as we petition God to bless and reign in our International Holy Convocation. It takes only 11 minutes each day. We will be interceding specifically for 11 things: Souls, Convocation worship services, church leaders, civic leaders, protection, finances, St. Louis (Shiloh’s home city and the host city of the Convocation), the staff and volunteers of the Convocation, unity, the preached word during the Convocation, and the local church. We hope to see you at the Church of God in Christ’s 105th Holy Convocation to be held November 5 -11, 2012.

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How Are You “Feeling” Today?


worship (Photo credit: vicki wolkins)

Every day we are presented with choices: what to wear, what to eat, where to go, etc. With each choice, we make a conscious decision to direct our will towards a particular action. However, when it comes to our Christian walk, we tend to make decisions based on emotion and how we “feel.”

“I don’t feel like going to church today.”

“I don’t feel like reading my Bible right now.”

“I don’t feel like praying right now.”

“I don’t feel like praising God.”

Notice the keyword in all these sentences? “Feel.” Our relationship with Christ and our service unto Him should not be based in our feelings. Being rooted in His love, we must learn to direct our will to accomplishing His will and doing those things that are pleasing in His sight.

Do you know, the King James Version, the word “feel” doesn’t occur in the entire book of Psalm? However, the phrase, “I will” occurs 145 times. Of those 145 times, there are 42 instances where the Psalm writer declares “I will” praise or rejoice in the Lord. 

The enemy can defeat us – if we are focused on our strengths and abilities. Without praise, we become subject to the enemies attack and will suffer defeat after defeat. But if we would praise God… Praise directs our hope and trust towards the one who can never fail. He is awesome, glorious, stronger than a troop of 1 billion soldiers. With our hearts and will submitted to Him, we can overcome whatever the enemy brings our way.

So today, direct your will to praising God, no matter how you feel.

Dream Killers

An Angel appears to Joseph in a dream

An Angel appears to Joseph in a dream (Photo credit: Martin LaBar)

Our Pastor teaching on Jeremiah 29:8, which says, 

For thus saith the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel; Let not your prophets and your diviners, that be in the midst of you, deceive you, neither hearken to your dreams which ye cause to be dreamed.

“[God says], ‘There are some diviners out there that be in the midst of you and they are deceiving you.’ Some folk get a certain amount of satisfaction in being…the bearers of bad news. They always want to be the first one that…deliver the news. And that’s what [the Church] had to deal with back then: …folk that was bringing…bad news all the time. [The Israelites] are already locked, in captivity, in bondage, and working hard… They didn’t need any more bad news from somebody that said they were a prophet.

“Some of us are going through some difficult things: you don’t need anyone to bring you some bad news. You don’t need any more bad news. You need to know what Heaven is saying…You need to see what God has to say…

“[God goes on to say the Church in Captivity], ‘They put ideas in your head and they cause you to dream dreams.’

“You can ended up dreaming dreams because of seed that’s been sown and planted in your mind. Folk keep planting seed in your mind: ‘You’re going to fail if you try. You’re going to fail if you try. Your’re going to fail if you try.’

[When] you say, ‘I’m getting ready to do this.’ And they say, ‘Are you sure? [Do] you think you can make it? [Do] you think you’re strong enough,’ they are sowing seed.

“‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ They are sowing seed.

“And after while you’ll lay down and go to sleep, and that seed that’s been planted in the back of your mind will influence your dreams. You won’t see yourself succeeding because there’s been so much seed planted there. All you can see in your dream is failure. And folk will cause you to dream the wrong dream, because of what they had to say. “


Administrative Assistant Marvin Sanders, Pastor of Shiloh Temple COGIC
“Bring Us Again Lord into the Place” (Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14)
Sunday Morning Worship Service
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just Pray

Jesus in Pray

Quote from our Pastor speaking on Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14:

So it was, during this particular time, so many had turned aside to idol gods. They had different altars set up throughout the land and God did not look on this favorably. And he allowed certain things to happen; one was this captivity, knowing that if the church were in trouble, they would seek him for deliverance… And God begins to speak …and says [to Jeremiah], “Send a letter to the church. Let them know that I have not forgotten them.” He sends the letter and he says, “Tell them to be encouraged. Tell them to lift their heads up… [And] instead of being confrontational …pray for peace. Live in harmony. Don’t become so aroused and be so willing to fight and to struggle; but pray for peace. Walk in peace.”

So many times, we feel like we need to confront everything. [But all we need to do] is just pray… I learned a long time ago that when you pray, the prayers of the righteous [are] like heaping hot coals over the heads of your enemies. Folk will start treating you right and don’t know why they’re treating your right.


Administrative Assistant Marvin Sanders, Pastor of Shiloh Temple COGIC
“Bring Us Again Lord into the Place” (Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14)
Sunday Morning Worship Service
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Be Careful How You Treat God

Quote from our Pastor speaking on Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14:


“[At the time Jeremiah 29 was written], the church had been taken away captive unto Babylon. The second time that the Babylonians came, they destroyed most of Jerusalem… This was something that God allowed, if you will, because so many had turned aside from God. And we have to be careful how we treat Gdo. I know we live under grace and truth and judgment is being withheld for a time, but we do have to be careful of how we treat God. We can’t handle God loosely. We can’t put God in the background forever and decide that “one of these days, when I get much older, I’ll make some time for God.” But rather…we need to let our relationship with God become one of the greater known love stories of time. We must be willing to announce we have met God in the pardoning of our sin. We must be willing to lay down everything that we have all for that relationship with God.

Most of the time, we [start our marriage relationships] down at the altar… [but] We… treat the relationship with God kind of loosely… When we meet God at the altar, our promises ought to mean something; our vows ought to mean something. If you say “’til death…” you ought to mean until I die. [And] we must be willing to lay down everything. [28:18]


Administrative Assistant Marvin Sanders, Pastor of Shiloh Temple COGIC
“Bring Us Again Lord into the Place” (Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14)
Sunday Morning Worship Service
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Find Your Place in God

A quote from our Pastor on Jeremiah 29:14:

And I will be found of you, saith the LORD: and I will turn away your captivity, and I will gather you from all the nations, and from all the places whither I have driven you, saith the LORD; and I will bring you again into the place whence I caused you to be carried away captive.
(Jeremiah 29:14)

“…This morning, we would like to use for a thought, ‘Bring Us Again Lord into the Place.’

“‘Into the place…’

“[This] place is the place where we have known God in the power of His might; [where] we have known God…in the fellowship of His love; a place where we have known God in peace and serenity; a place where we were comfortable with God. You can come to a place in God where…all is well: even when things are not going too good, you overlook the bad and you are able to say ‘all is still well’ because you know that God is still looking out for your greater good. There is a place in God where you can happy, you can be free, you can be set apart from all attacks that come your way. There is a place in God! There is a place in God… [that is described] as ‘being in heavenly places.’ Lord, bring us back to the place… Bring us back to the place.”

Adm. Asst. Marvin Sanders, Pastor of Shiloh Temple COGIC
“Bring Us Again Lord into the Place” (Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14)
Sunday Morning Worship Service
September 18, 2011

Seeing the Blessing of Our Storms

Power for Living Sunday School Lesson for September 16, 2012

Faith is Endurance” (Hebrews 12:1-11)

A few words on the lesson aim…

That you will learn that difficulties are often permitted by God to develop character within us.

Charles Swindoll says, “Each problem is a God-appointed instructor” letting us know that there is a purpose in every trial and hardship we encounter in life.

When we are going through a personal trial, it is good to search to discover what God is working in or out of us. It is good to embrace the words of David in Psalm 139:23-24, “ Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

No one likes going through trials. I can’t think of any Christian that says, “Oh goody! Here comes a trial! I wonder if it will be cancer, or bankruptcy or divorce. I am so excited about this upcoming storm in my life!” However, if we were to have a proper understanding of the ways and methods of God, we would rejoice when storms are approaching. Why? Because each storm has a purpose, bringing with it a lesson to learn. Each storm presents us with an opportunity to know Christ more intimately in “the fellowship of sufferings” (see Philippians 3:10). Each storm gives us an opportunity to gain a new level of spiritual maturity.

As we go through our trials, let us keep in mind how essential it is for us to learn the lesson God is teaching us. Always remember: somewhere, in some distant future, someone is depending on you to learn this lesson. At the time a storm enters our life, we may not understand why God has elected us to experience problems with our health, family, career, etc. But we can be encouraged to know we will understand some day. When a person walks into our life and they are experiencing that same trial, then we will become living epistles as we fulfill the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:3-6 (NASB),

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. For just as the sufferings of Christ are ours in abundance, so also our comfort is abundant through Christ. But if we are afflicted, it is for your comfort and salvation; or if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which is effective in the patient enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer


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