God Knows What He Needs Us to Be

Line art drawing of potter's wheel.

Quote from our Pastor teaching on Jeremiah 18 (continued from previous post):

“…Once the potter had prepared for the …remake and he had moistened the clay and rolled it and loosened it and mashed it a few times in his hand [that] he put it back on the wheel. And he began… to start the [potter’s] wheel to turn. [He] began to shape the vessel. [He] began to put pressure on it at various points, …[letting the clay] slide through his fingers. [He] applied more moisture and formed it and shaped it and carved it out to the point where it was satisfactory. [He carved it out] to the point where he knew, if it was a pitcher, it would hold water and it would disperse water evenly… [He carved it out] to the point that if it were a bowl, it would hold the stuff that was inside it and not let [its contents] leak out.

“God knows what he needs us to be [but] we’ve have to be willing to step up on the wheel..”

Administrative Assistant Marvin Sanders
Pastor of Shiloh Temple COGIC
Pastoral Teaching
September 13, 2011

You heard from us, now, let us here from you!

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