The Difficulty of Change

Man thinking on a train journey.



Change can happen one or two ways: immediately or gradually. Most often, however, change is a slow process because it is process of unlearning and learning. We unlearn destructive thought patterns and behaviors and then we learn how to practice wholesome thinking and righteous behavior. The old way may remain present in our minds, if we allow it.


You are in control of your mind. You are in control of your actions. Ultimately, you make the final choice of whether to do right or wrong. However, without the Word of God and the Spirit of God to assists us, we will continue to fail again and again. We need something more powerful to overcome the power of sin in our lives. On our own, we cannot win against sin.


Years ago, when I was new to Christ, I had a horrible mouth. I had a reputation for being mean, short, and having a bad attitude. When God began to deal with me, I desired to change. The job I had at the time would not allow me to read my Bible except during break time. So I would write scriptures on pieces of scrap paper and put them in my pocket. Throughout the day, I would pull out those pieces of paper and memorize them. Day and night, I would meditate on scriptures about the tongue until it became a part of me. Eventually, the Word of God began to change me. God taught me to hide His Word in my heart and to meditate on it day and night. Therefore, I was able to replace wrong thinking with right thinking.


Change is not easy and it doesn’t always happen overnight. However, the difficulty of a road should not hinder us from travelling that road. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to travel a path you have never walked on? Are you ready to experience new heights in Christ? Start in the Word of God. Whatever your issue, seek God’s word on it. When you find the scripture that pertains to you, mediate upon it day and night. Memorize it. Allow it to become a part of your everyday life, so much so, that you wake up in the morning thinking about it. Change requires that we endure the discomfort and pain of stepping out of our comfort zone.





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