Revival: “Clear the Channel”

We began our annual revival last night and heard words of edification from our Pastor. Here is a quote from last night’s service. Pastor Marvin Sanders taught from Psalm 51: 1-8

“This is a Psalm of David and David is praying for remission of sins. And he is praying for sanctification and cleanliness because David had committed a sin against God. And the sin he had committed left him outside of the will of God. So many times, we can find ourselves in a position where we are outside of the will of God. But in this modern-day error of the church, we can move outside the will of God and [continue] performing and [working in the church] … They just kind of sweep it under the rug and say ‘I still am who I said I am’…Whenever you get caught in a situation where you are not doing the right thing, you need to stop and get it straight so that God can bless through you. I learned a long time ago that you have to keep a clear channel for God to bless through you… Sometimes, we can be involved in things that are not even sin, but they are the things that hinder us from doing the will of God. So then , we must keep a clear channel to be able to do the will of God. Somethings are not sin, but some things are not expedient. Some things are just not good to participate in because it hinders you from doing the will of the Lord. But whatever it is, we’ve got to make ourselves ready to do God’s will because that is our purpose and assignment here in the earth: to do God’s will. Everything else is secondary.”



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