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Life Interrupted

English: Adoration of the Wise Men by Murillo
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All over the world today, millions of people are celebrating the Christmas holiday. We would be amiss if we did not take time to speak a word of encouragement on the day we celebrate the birth of Christ.

The lives of Mary, Joseph, King Herod, the shepherds, and the wise men were interrupted when Christ came into this world. Surely, they all had their own personal plans for their night, even for their lives.  However, all this changed when the God-Man stepped out of eternity, wrapped Himself in flesh, and entered our finite world in the form of a helpless, newborn babe.

Mary and Joseph were betrothed to be married. King Herod was ruling his kingdom. The shepherds were watching the sheep. The wise men were studying in a far away land. And then their lives were interrupted…

Interruptions are not a bad thing. Interruptions are God’s way of directing us to Him, just as He did to all those involved in the story of the Birth of Christ. Mary and Joseph were interrupted with a new life’s purpose. King Herod rule was interrupted with the thought that he would not rule forever. The shepherds were interrupted with directions to come and witness the birth of their Savior. The wise men were interrupted with a desire to seek the King of Kings and to present gifts to Him.

Whatever “interruptions” you are encountering in your life, remember, it may be a simple attempt on God’s part to direct or re-direct you to Himself.


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