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Revival: Say the Word

Speaker: Elder J. Evans
Scriptural Basis: Romans 10:1-11

We must be prepared to do God’s work. In doing His work, let us not be halfhearted or lazy, but diligent: diligent to do His will, diligent to live for Him, and watchful for His imminent return. Let us hold on to the Word of God within our hearts as we seek to go higher in Christ. The Word is all we need to endurre and persevere. Therefore, when we are in need of peace, joy, and strength, let us a speak a word into our own lives. Let us speak the Word of God.

Step Out (Now Faith…)

I remember, as a kid, going to the skating rink with my family. I remember how scared I used to be to get on the floor. I was always afraid that I would fall. The first time around the rink would be a little wobbly, but by the second time around, I had gotten a handle of things. After a few times around, I would be able to practice a few moves, spin a few times, even do the “crazy leg.” Those were good times…

This is what it is like when we “step out” on faith. We may be afraid at first and even a little wobbly, but the longer we “stick with it,” the stronger we’ll be. This Christian walk is a faith walk. And our faith is ineffective if we do not have works of obedience to follow. What is God telling you to do today? At some point we must stop allowing fear to determine our actions and allow faith to become a driving force in our lives. So, I challenge you today: step out… You’ll be glad you did!

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