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God Will Make A Way


Now, I know we’ve been challenged on all sides. We’re beginning to feel a number of pressures. Things are not working out the way we would have them to work out in many cases. And some of us are going through and we’re suffering some need but God is a God of deliverance. God is a God of salvation. What am I saying? I’m saying He will make a way. We’ve had our backs against the wall before and your situation was too great for you. And it would all be remedied by a rule of thumb: …God is a God of Salvation. God is a God of deliverance. And He will make a way.



Hold On

Dear Brother or Sister in the Lord,

I just wanted to tell you to hold on a little bit longer. Things are hard and many of us are going through, but we serve a God is a faithful provider and a source of strength and encouragement. Whatever your situation may be… Don’t give up! Don’t turn around! God will provide a “ram in the thicket” for you and for me!

Again I say…. HOLD ON!!!

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